Kevin Costner’s esposa se muda durante el divorcio, ¡impactante!

Kevin Costner’s esposa se muda durante el divorcio, ¡impactante!

Kevin Costner’s estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, is in the process of moving out of their home as part of their ongoing divorce. The couple had agreed on this as part of their prenuptial agreement when they got married in 2004. Christine has a team of movers to handle the heavy lifting, but she is closely monitoring the process. Meanwhile, Kevin is staying at one of his other homes in Aspen with their three children for a little summer vacation.

A Double Vacation for the Kids

The divorce means that the children will have double the vacation time. Christine recently took them to Hawaii, where they stayed at a luxurious resort and spent time with a long-time friend of both Kevin and Christine. Now, they have returned to reality. While Christine oversees the move, Kevin is enjoying his time in Aspen.

A Contentious Divorce

The divorce proceedings have been extremely difficult, with fights over child support and the prenuptial agreement. There have also been allegations that Kevin has hidden large sums of money and other assets. Each time Kevin returns from Aspen, it seems that Christine has long since left the property.

Source: TMZ

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